Friday, June 10, 2005

Engaging In Creative Play

This morning we did regular schoolwork, but with my first trimester nap schedule I let Reagan have the afternoon to read and engage in creative play. He got on the computer and made a model of the Great Wall of China. I was very impressed. He followed it up with models of the Two Towers. Maybe architecture is in his future?

His Home-Ec skills improve daily as he plays with his sisters and helps around the house.

Piper has started pre-school (though she doesn't know it). She can sit for long periods of time coloring. So, I've begun using that time to teach her colors. I hold up a crayon and she names it and then colors with it.

Bridget is learning "If You're Happy and You Know It" and will show that she'd like you to sing it by clapping a couple of times and pointing at the sides of her head (you know, "you're face will surely show it").

I'm finding that sometimes it's during these creative times that my children are either learning the most, or finding new things they'd like to learn about. Creative play for young children can not be over-estimated in my humble opinion. And life around here sure wouldn't be much fun without it.

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