Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Learning Every Day

I mentioned before that we're taking a week off from book work to move. We've had a few days of trying to get ready, and now we've jumped into the moving.

Slightly off topic, my apartment complex lied to me and said that the apartment was the exact same size except for a larger living room. That has turned out to not be true. The closets are smaller, the bathrooms are smaller, and I have the dimensions to prove it. Now, we're giving up the top floor, vaulted ceilings, a fireplace, and a balcony and getting a SMALLER place on the first floor with only a $5 decrease in the rent. They've threatened us, harassed us, and now we've signed a 12 month lease after they lied to us. I'm starting to wonder if I have a good case against them for something. They're REALLY ticking me off!

Anyway, sometimes I can forget that learning takes place in all kinds of settings and in multiple developmental departments. It's been good to take this week off from Math and Science. Instead we've been working on responsibility and character.

Reagan is at the age where he knows he's the oldest and that he's responsible for his younger siblings. Now the problem is that he has to learn that there's a line between being helpful and protective, and trying to be their parent. He's also needed work on listening, concentration, and responding when spoken to. Frequently I'll ask him if he's finished something and instead of answering me, he turns around to go and finish it. So response is definitely something we've worked on.

During this time I'm getting to know my children on a deeper level. It is amazing to me that each of my kids is such an individual. Each one of them has their own little drummer inside that I want to know. Sometimes it's easy to forget that in the busy day-to-day. But these breaks, even with lots to do, are a wonderful way to stop and enjoy each other. We're a team, and a great one at that.

So learning doesn't just happen in our "school". And it doesn't just happen for Reagan.

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