Thursday, June 23, 2005

Marriage Is Still Important

Quoting from this site:
This immediately reminded me of another critic of legal marriage, the semi-scary Christian child rearing "expert" Michael Pearl. He contends that as long as we live under a government that may sanctify the union of gays, legal marriage is a mockery for faithful Christians.

Is marriage passe? That seems to be the message I'm hearing, even from a number of evangelical Christians. What's the big deal when you can receive so many of the same benefits and rights as someone's domestic partner that were formerly reserved for legal spouses? Everyone is going to do what they want (have sex, live together, have kids, buy house, etc.) regardless of whether or not they are married, so why bother?

Another insightful post by my friend Hillary. This does seem to be a question that continues to pop up in our culture. From Oprah to the Pearl's people seem to be turning their backs on state sponsored marriage. Though the Pearl's do in fact believe in marriage, just not one that is recognized by the state.

I, however, don't believe that abandoning marriage is the answer. Marriage provides us as women with protection, companionship, love and partnership in a union that is held together by sacred vows. It provides husbands with the nurturing care of their wives in addition to multiple other benefits.

I'm weary of hearing some feminists lament marriage as something only good for men, or a way to be held down by the "patriarchy". Marriage, in it's proper form is a beautiful union of two people commited to walking a path together. And honestly, gay marriage doesn't threaten me. I still believe in what I have with my husband.

My fear is that the general disregard for marriage in our culture is contributing to the current thought that uses our young men and women only for pleasure and leaves everyone empty and lonely.

I still believe in marriage.

Hillary, as always (especially when you send me thinking of you cards just when I'm having a really hard day), you rock!

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