Thursday, June 30, 2005

Potty Success

Yesterday I was convinced Piper was close to potty training. She's been close for some time, insisting on going potty, but just not going once she was there. So, finally I decided I'd have to be slightly more persuasive.

She kept bringing me diapers and pull ups that she wanted me to put on her. But I kept insisting that if it was time to go, she'd have to go on the potty. Piper began to cry. She knows she shouldn't go on the floor, and I'm sure holding it was becoming uncomfortable, as I'd been plying her with fluids all morning. So, I sat her on the potty and comforted her, promising her it would feel better if she let the pee pee out.

Then, it happened. She started to go, and she DID feel better. And mommy did a happy dance, gave her a cookie, and even the hat that came with the doll that wets. It says "Potty Animal"!

She was so proud and excited. She went twice more yesterday, and then had one accident. Today NO ACCIDENTS. The first time she started to go, she realized it and ran to the potty to finish. Now she's gone three more times on the potty, each time with some fanfare.

I can't express how wonderful it was to see that light bulb turn on yesterday. That moment when she realized that she really COULD go on the potty, that it DID feel better when she did, and that her mommy and daddy were proud of her. Potty training is in full swing now.

I know it's cliche, but my little girl is growing up! I'm really proud of her, and I totally don't want three in diapers. But it's also another little step toward adulthood, and each one is slightly bittersweet. Though this one is definitely more sweet!

Congratulations, Piper!

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