Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five Months In Heaven

This month Sarah's anniversary was bittersweet. It was Reagan's 8th birthday, and I was really more focused on him.

Since then I've been to the cemetary several times, and tomorrow I have an appointment to place the final approval on Sarah's marker. Thank you to my wonderful friends who provided that gift to us. I can't begin to put into words what it meant to us.

Sarah is still in my heart and most certainly still in my thoughts. Today's Gospel was about the loaves and fishes. It was about the Lord's ability to provide when the task seems impossible. Losing Sarah has shown me that the sustenance He provides is not always physical. Somehow God has kept me spiritually and emotionally afloat when I felt that was impossible. And I've learned that faith isn't just something that you feel, but requires action. He somehow provided me the strength to keep working at my faith when strength was what I lacked. Ultimately, it has brought me closer to Him. And He provided me with some of the best friends. The friendship I've been shown has been deeply humbling.

I miss Sarah, but I am incredibly grateful for the lessons that she taught me.

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