Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Little Things

Since we moved in, our washing machine has made sounds that convinced us it secretly wanted to be a helicopter. It's engine was trying desperately to work hard enough to give it flight. I felt sorry for it, in a way. It would never be more than a washer and dryer unit.

Maintenance kept promising to fix it. Today they finally did.

They offered us a brand new washer and dryer unit. Only there was more. This one would be full sized!

I know, I know, my heart raced as well! With four children in the house we've been doing laundry for days and just watched the hamper continue to fill like some angelic cup! Lo, with the new one installed, we finished everything in the hamper in three loads! After that, the clouds parted, and we swore we heard the angels singing Alleluia! But that could have just been my imagination.

And the dryer...get this...actually dries! In just one dry cycle! No more spending three hours waiting for things to dry. No more spending days trying to get on top of a little laundry.

My washer and dryer are full sized.

Can anyone remind me what I used to get excited about?

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