Thursday, July 07, 2005

RIP Mr. & Mrs. Mousey

Well, the last week with Mr. & Mrs. Mousey has been full of gosh-darn-it-they-pooped-in-here-too's and high pitched girly yelps when one would run across the floor and startle me.

Now, however, they are no more.

While I was hoping to get humane traps in here before the inhumane ones set by pest control did their jobs, I failed. Mrs. Mousey passed away last night, and Mr. Mousey (mourning the loss of his beloved wife) threw himself in the path of another, and joined her this afternoon.

They were incredibly furry and cute. And yet, somehow, they will not be missed.

We wish peace on all mice who stay the heck out of our house!

And we pray fervently that Mr. & Mrs. Mousey left behind NO OFFSPRING!

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