Monday, August 15, 2005

10 Reasons I Love Having a 3 Year Old Piper

Piper just gets more and more fun all the time. So here are my 10 reasons I love having a three year old


  1. She says "Yes, Mommy" and "Wukka Me, Mommy!" and "Come on, Mommy, dance!" as well as a thousand other endearing phrases.

  2. She picked up the little two-minute hourglass timer in the bathroom that tells the kids how long to brush, held it in her hands, and said "I wish I wish with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart."

  3. I now have someone who cheers for me when I make pee pee in the potty. And some days you just need to know you've done something well.

  4. She's learned how to scrub the sink. No she doesn't rinse it out or clean anything else. But give that girl a little comet and a sponge, and she will get a kitchen sink SPOTLESS!

  5. Her phrases have such feeling now. I picked up raisins at the supermarket and she said "Fank you, Mommy, fank you! I wuva my waisins!" S he was so totally sincere.

  6. She thinks there's a baby in her tummy too.

  7. She imitates Mommy. A totally humbling experience.

  8. She has a very strong sense of right and wrong. Sometimes I hear her saying things like, "No, Bidjet, don't do that!

  9. She's convinced she can do all sorts of things. After seeing daddy go potty, for example, she really thought she could pee pee standing up, too.

  10. Through her eyes the world is new and exciting. And every new skill is fun and amazing. She renews my wonder of the world.

A the end of the day she hugs me and says "I wuvva my Mommy" and I just throw my arms around her and say, I "wuvva my Piper, too!"

Yes, I love both of my daughters. But today I just wanted to take a minute and remember all of the things I love about being three!

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