Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Big Day!

Our ultrasound was at 1 pm today. I took Reagan with me since he was desperate to find out if he was getting a baby brother or not. We were taken right in and got set up to meet the baby.

They started with the head. Two well-formed hemispheres of the brain. It really looked beautiful. Who'd have ever thought I'd call a brain beautiful, but it was. It wasn't all black like Sarah's brain. Sarah was beautiful, but her brain looked awful!

Then we moved down. Eyes with lenses. Ears. Mouth with two lips. Heart with four beating chambers, and the vasculature looked good. Two kidneys. A stomach. A behind. Everything looked just as it should.

Our baby was very cooperative. So cooperative, even if the tech hadn't told me the sex, I could have guessed. I knew before the words came out of her mouth...

I couldn't be happier. He's a boy. And he's all there. And he's perfectly healthy. I'm so grateful. God does answer prayer.

Thank you to all of you who've prayed for us. We're planning on announcing his name at the time of his birth. But at least I know who he is now. I can talk to him, and begin to really bond with him. I'd been afraid to love him too much. Afraid I'd lose him. But now, here under my heart, I know his little body is growing. And I'm going to continue to nurture that life, and enjoy every minute that we are this close to one another.

The support I've recieved has been humbling. Thank you again.

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