Saturday, August 13, 2005

Light Blogging

My blogging has been super light lately. Totally unusual for someone who generally likes to blog every day.

I've been working, spending time with the kids, and teaching Reagan. This year we took some time off while I had morning sickness and when we were losing Sarah. So, we're schooling through the Summer to finish the second grade. Although, with what he's doing in his subjects, I'm sure in a public school he'd be finished. But darn it, I paid for this curriculum and we're going to finish it!

We received our new Science textbooks today. I see a lot of Science fun in our future this year. And I'm still putting together the money to buy the curriculum for next year. I'd really like to start Latin, but I think we'll start with the basics, and add it in, perhaps after the new baby is born. Ah, the flexibility of homeschooling.

Reagan is also adding in the Piano. His grandmother has been giving him lessons (though I'm certainly capable of teaching him where he is now) and they found him a great Yamaha keyboard to practice on. I'd really like to find a good beginner theory book, however. After all, with all the years of piano I took, I can hardly play a thing. But I can still read music!

I think Jump Start makes a children's typing program which I'd like to get this year also. In this day and with this technology, I think it's an excellent skill to have.

In other family news, our big Ultrasound is coming up on Wednesday. I'm hoping that it will be what I need to stop having nightmares that something terrible happens to this baby too. My latest dream involved the baby (a girl in this one) who was born at term, but as small as Sarah, and with the nasal passages of a cow. I could explain in more detail, but it really wouldn't make more sense.

I'm enjoying the kids, enjoying Summer, and trying not to stress too much.

Prayers are much appreciated!

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