Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A True Toddler

Many of you know that Bridget was born a month early. So, I already count on giving her an extra month to reach milestones. Regardless, the closer she got to 18 months without walking, the more concerned I got. The problem with Bridget is not that anything is wrong with her, but that she is SUPER cautious! She doesn't do anything until she's certain she can.

For a week or so she's been standing unassisted. She was even getting up in the middle of the floor, away from tables and other sources of support. She'd pull herself upright, clap for her achievement, then promptly fall on her tush.

So, tonight she pulled herself up, stood still for a moment, and took 3 steps forward. Then she promptly fell on her tush, but that's not the point. I was so excited and I clapped for her. She liked that a lot, so she started practicing over and over again getting just a step or two away from Mama and then walking to me. It was just a couple of steps, but my enthusiasm really got her excited and prompted her to keep trying.

I'm so proud. I can stop trying so hard. She just wanted to make sure she was good and ready.

Three cheers for Bridget, my little toddler.

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