Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Lovely Playgroup

I love Thursday. Not just because it's the day before Friday. I'm a mother. I don't really get weekends anymore. I'm also a nurse. I'll be working Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. A lot of times I don't even realize what day of the week it is anymore. But I do look forward to Thursday. It's my play day.

I have explained to the kids several times that play group isn't just for them, it's for me too! Mommy plays by talking to the other Mommy's in the group. We talk about curricula, about our fears, about pregnancy, child birth, and child rearing. We talk to each other's children, and help our kids work out conflicts. We tell each other when we see how much the kids have learned, because sometimes we wonder if what we teach is sinking in. And it's the one day of the week where I get a few hours with other women.

In addition to the sisterhood and camaraderie I share, I thoroughly enjoy the other children in the group. Today was especially fun. One of the mom's was having a birthday, so I made her a cake (forgetting the eggs entirely!) which turned out just fine despite me. Then the kids ate lunch together out on the sun-porch. They played together beautifully, only needing occasional direction from myself of another mom. We sipped tea, snacked and enjoyed ourselves, the kids, and the two new babies in our group.

Then the kids rediscovered all the wonderful costumes downstairs. Piper dressed up as a flower.

Then they decided to put on a play. Reagan would like to take full credit for the story, but I know all the kids had a hand in it. Reagan directed, while his friend C. (Eeyore) narrated. Everyone had a part. The story was about the Winnie-the-Pooh's evil brother who was forcing Pooh to become a real bear...

(Reagan as pooh)

The evil brother sent his wolf to threaten Pooh to conform to proper bear standards...

(E. as the Wolf!)

When Buzz Lightyear appeared, and hit the wolf with a ray that made him pass out for 30 years! The the flower of God appeared (because Reagan said everything is better with God in it) and warned the evil brother not to threaten people, especially if there are Superhero's about.

Piper had dressed in a way-too-small honey pot costume by this point...

Everyone had a wonderful time being part of the play...

(C. as the Flower of God)

I think they're looking forward to performing sequels for our viewing pleasure.

It was pure joy to watch their imagination take shape, and be molded by their mothers. It was almost 4 o'clock when we left. So, no one got a great nap, but I think these are the days that the kids will remember. Those days when they dressed up and put on plays for their moms. I know I'll remember them.

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