Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sarah's Marker Is Finally In

Well, I finally called the funeral home at the beginning of last week to ask about Sarah's marker. They informed me that there'd been some sort of shipping error, and that's why it was taking so long. Then they called back and told me that it would be there by Wednesday and placed by the weekend. Well, the weekend came with still no marker placed. So, I called yesterday, and they told me it would be placed in the evening. And, finally, it was actually placed, and Dominic received a call apologizing for the delay.

So, today I found her flowers, a pinwheel, and a little scarecrow to do her up for the Fall. I'll have to find something tall and colorful for Winter. But she's all set for the Autumn.

Here are the pics!

Here I added both the Rosary that our friend Katy gave us (thank you, Katie. I can't say how many times I've found comfort with that Rosary) and our SareBear which Sara's Smile sent to us (another object of comfort that I held many nights when I missed my baby girl). I guess the marker company wasn't able to include the baby angel and the lamb at the bottom because of all the lettering we wanted. I kinda wish it was there, but Dominic loves it plain. And I'll keep it looking spiffy!

Here's a picture without the extras (which I could never leave behind). Of course I'll be on the lookout for other sweet knick-knacks I can decorate her place with. I'm thinking of getting some of those little paintable animals from Walmart and painting them for her. Maybe her brother and sister would like to help with that.

This is her spot in relation to the nearby bench. We liked the idea of her being close to the bench so that we could sit and talk to her. Her poor neighbor. I fix his pinwheel every time I go, but it always falls down. I think of my best friend and how she had to leave her precious baby in Colorado. I wonder if I could offer to do upkeep on some of the babies whose parents can't come in to do it themselves. I'd be happy to polish other markers or trim the grass around the edges.

This is the statue in the middle of the garden. Sarah is to the right of this statue. The words inscribed read:
This my heart well understands
The Children asleep in all God's lands
Are holy flowers
In angel hands

It's quite lovely, really. I'm not looking forward to her sweet marker being all covered up by snow! But I'm so happy it's there now.

I realized a few days ago that I'd stopped worrying that someone would take the spot next to Sarah's. I wanted it, in case we needed it again. I think it was another step closer to accepting the idea that this baby will come home with us.

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