Thursday, October 13, 2005

Update On Baby Boy

Okay. It seems that baby's name has been leaked all over the place. And considering how sick to death I am of calling him "baby" or the "boy", I think I'm going to reveal his name.

Drumroll please....

Ciaran Elessar Basso

Now, Ciaran is pronounced with a hard C. It's pronounced "Kee-ruhn" and has basically been our boy's name for as long as we've been thinking of names. With three girls in a row, this is obviously our first chance to use it!

So. On to the update!

Ciaran appears to be doing well. His heartrate is good and he's VERY active and seems strong. The doctor isn't sure why I had the bleeding/spotting, but he doesn't think it came from Ciaran. So, he decided I could have another ultrasound.

He also said I could come back in two weeks for another appointment. Or I could start coming every week to hear the heartbeat if it made me feel better. I'm so grateful. He's been very kind and understanding through this pregnancy. I think that's one of the pro's of remaining with the doctor who saw you through a loss. They KNOW what you went through.

Ciaran thinks I am a punching bag, and the more I type, the more active he becomes.

I really love this little boy!

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