Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bridget Hurts Her Arm & Piper Is Cute

Today began the Advent/Christmas season in our house. Christmas is my favorite time of year. With the purchase of a fake tree we're able to make it last a long time.

So, the kids have been helping me get the house in the spirit today.

As a side note, we did take a trip to the ER mid-day. Reagan had pulled Bridget by the arm last night and after crying for three hours, with no visible injury, she finally went to sleep. Dominic and I just took turns holding her and comforting her, at a total loss as to what was wrong. Then today she just stopped using her right arm. She wouldn't grab with it, eat with it, or even clap. It just hung limply at her side. If I tried to move it, she was guarded and would cry. So, when Dominic came home, to the ER we went. Then when we got to the hospital, she started using it again. By the time the Dr. saw us there was only a slight aversion to it's use. The Dr. thought it was a radial head subluxation, or nursemaid's elbow. It's apperantly so easy to fix, we probably did it ourselves when putting on her coat or putting her arms through the straps on the carseat. I'll remember that next time.

Anyway, tonight after running some errands and eating dinner, we finally got to trimming the tree. Piper and Reagan were a big help getting all the ornaments on, and a good time was had by all.

Our cute moment came when I asked Piper to identify a Santa Clause ornament.
"Piper, who is this?" I asked.
"Ho ho" she answered. It was so cute, I knew if I didn't blog about it, I'd forget it. It's those little moments that slip right out of my mind.

Piper really does pick up on things that I don't realize. She knows Santa says "ho ho ho". Well, either that or he has a whole other career that I know nothing about....

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