Sunday, November 13, 2005

Motivational Difficulties

I've been meaning to blog for two weeks. I have pictures to share of the kids from Halloween, and Sarah's marker from Dia de los Meurtos. But the one time I had both time and motivation to work on getting the pictures of out the camera and put on my blog, my computer ate the pictures.

Since then I've had neither time nor motivation.

A friend of mine compared having a blog to a dog. You promise with a dog, to feed it, give it water, walk it, and generally take care of it. With a blog you agree to post often. Thank goodness my blog isn't a living creature, or much like my plants it would have wilted and died from lack of attention by now.

With school we're continuing on in the study of all our basic subjects, and we're "touring" India at the moment. Reagan has had a good time exploring this website which shares cities and stories from India. I'd also like Reagan to learn some basics about Hinduism and perhaps try some Indian food. We'll see!

Piper is improving in her speech daily. She's even taken to repeating knock knock jokes, which I think are the worst invention ever, but still sound cute coming from a three year old.

Bridget has no problems walking now. She's off and going, and doing great. She's adding to her limited vocabulary and is always surprising us.

Ciaran is also growing bigger every day, and I'm becoming much more uncomfortable. I don't know if this is just what happens in each subsequent pregnancy, or if it's just me. Really, I've been pregnant for a year now, with only a few weeks off. And when you gestate like an elephant, it's easy to lose patience.

Still, I have knees and elbows and feet poking and stretching every which way and I have no idea how he's supposed to grow in there for another 8 weeks. I know patience is a virtue, but not one that I was blessed with a lot of. I do love to feel him moving though.

Work situations continue to be unstable. I can't go into a lot of detail, because I never want Dominic to get in trouble for anything I write on my blog, but prayers are much appreciated. I can always go to work full-time if necessary. But with the kids and school, obviously that's not what we'd like to have happen.

Generally life continues on with a super tired mom, an incredibly hard working and wonderful dad, and some fantastic kids that I would trade for a bushel of ducks.

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