Saturday, November 26, 2005

We Are Computer Geeks

I've always considered myself a computer geek. A mild one anyway. I don't know a lot about RAM and gigabytes. But I know more is better, and faster is way better.

I've considered myself a computer geek because I've owned one for such a long time. Because I used the computer to get on-line back when you'd log on to a local BBS with the ultra-fast 14.4 modem (external)! I've considered myself a computer geek because I've spent 1000 turns playing the virtually graphic free Trade Wars. And I used to meet others like me on a regular basis at things called "meets". I've actually met some of my best friends at those meets! (Hi, Jim & Jen)

But as geeky as I am, I've only ever really owned one computer at a time. And I don't work on them! That's what my friends are for!

Now things have changed. It started when Dominic got his six year old Compaq computer working. We upgraded the OS to Windows XP, and with some hardware given to us by a friend, we began networking our two pc's. Now, in our 1000 sq. foot apartment, Dominic and I could each be on our own computer choosing whether to IM one another, or just shout.

But that wasn't good enough. My laptop was also six years old, and in terrible shape. So, we bought a new one. Dude, we got a Dell. Then we bought a network card and connected the laptop through our wired/wireless network.

Now we've been working on getting graphics cards, and have purchased more memory for our main computer. We'll be putting the memory we took out of that computer and putting it in the Compaq, as it's twice as fast as what the Compaq is running. We hope to be wasting precious time with online gaming very soon.

And thus we get geekier. With all the literature I have yet to read, all the things I have yet to learn, and all the world ills that I have yet to solve, I'm going to be spending more time...on the computer.

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