Saturday, November 19, 2005

Who Knew Deer Were So Stupid?

After a newscast full of doom and gloom, I just about died laughing at the following story, which can be seen by clicking here.

Apparently a local woman got up the other day to walk her dog. Upon leaving her house she noticed that one of her 400 lb. concrete deer was toppled over onto it's side.

Fearing vandalism, she called the police. The police arrived quickly. Apperantly, not a huge crime area. Anyway, upon examining the scene the police officer discovered fresh hoofprints in the snow.

After a complete investigation, the following was learned:

A very stupid (or possibly drunk?) buck wandered into this woman's yard and was somehow offended by the statue. Perhaps it refused to play darts with him after sharing a brewsky. So, he locked horns with the fake animal, and somehow won the fight.

After taking down his rival, the buck was bored, the night was young, and he was looking for a bit more action. Seeing the concrete doe in the yard, he got an idea.

I'm thinking that she didn't give him the reception he was looking for. Like the newscast said, he got the cold shoulder, and perhaps the cold tail as well.

I don't know what bar is serving the animals late at night, but I hope the buck went home, sobered up, and never tells any of his buddies.

The police did file an official report. Just in case no one would believe it had happened.

I really needed that story at the end of a long day.

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