Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Can't Believe It's Almost Christmas

It seems unbelievable that Christmas is almost here!

Last night we went with our friends to see Santa at the mall.  Bridget didn't make it because she'd thrown a huge hour long temper tantrum, and so I left her home with Daddy.  We had a blast, and the kids loved seeing Santa!

Then we went back to the Elms house, and rested for a bit.  Now, I have to say, I have been put into a complete state of awe on multiple occasions by the generosity of friends.  From bringing food when we were broke, to helping pay for our daughters funeral arrangements, people have been incredibly kind to us.  And last night I had another one of those awed moments when our friends presented our kids with incredibly thoughtful gifts, including a homemade Dora the Explorer blanket for Piper and the sweetest baby blanket for Ciaran.

Breastfeeding is going better every day.  It's taking less and less time to get Ciaran latched on and eating.  In some ways I'm better at this then I ever have been in the past.  My nipples don't feel like they're going to fall off, so at least I know I've had him well latched on when he's eaten.

Homeschooling is hit or miss.  When we're not busy we work on school, but the holiday season is notoriously difficult around here for homeschooling.  In fact, in the years we've been doing this, I can't remember the last time we did school in December!

It looks like we'll be heading to CA in early January after all!  I'll be staying out there for about a week to be sure to see everyone.  I can't wait.  If only to get out of the snow...

I hope the snow here sticks around for Karina's visit.  I'd love to send the kids across the street and let them go sledding.  Reagan needs snow pants, and both he and Piper need boots.

The baby needs a bathtub!  His umbilical cord stump fell off last night, so he's ready for his first bath.  And I no longer need parts for my breast pump.  Thanks, MNFiddledragon!

Oh!  My friend Hilby sent me a lip shine called Cinnamon Buns and it's SO FABULOUS!!  I could practically eat it right out of the tube.  And she sent the kids a book which Reagan has read at least 20 times since receiving it in the mail yesterday.  Thanks, Hil!!

I really love Christmas.  If only I could wrap all the gifts and put them under the tree without the kids trying to unwrap them...

But of course, the best gift this year isn't under the tree, but wrapped in a blanket in his mother's arms.  I'll bet Mary felt the same way.

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