Sunday, December 18, 2005

Since We've Been Home

First of all, a couple of pictures, because I'm a total new mom that way...

It's been something since we've been home.  I'm definitely learning the fine art of juggling.

Piper wants Ciaran.  All the time.  He's her baby as far as she's concerned.  Bridget wants mommy, and doesn't care if she has to climb over Ciaran to get to Mommy.  I have to figure out how to manage everyone, and how to manage discipline while trying to nurse a newborn.

Please pray that I am granted patience.

So far Ciaran has been a wonderful baby.  He eats, sleeps, and fills diapers which is pretty much his only job.  And I do seem to be managing to get enough rest.  Barely.

There was actually more that I was going to blog about, but I'm still fighting off the lingering effects of pregnancy brain.  So...I've pretty much forgotten.

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