Wednesday, January 18, 2006

School Goes

We've gotten through another week of lessons.

Reagan had a review of Spelling words this week and missed 5 out of 20.  A little disappointing, actually, but I think the more he reads and gets used to seeing the words, the better he'll be.

In Grammar, he's really doing quite well.  He still needs to remember ending punctuation, but he's not having trouble grasping grammatical rules.

In Math he's doing quite well.  I sometimes wonder if he's going to surprise me and be a Math whiz when I was so terrible at it.  Still, time management is an issue.  Today he was spending 5 minutes per problem.  I had him stand and watch a timer for five minutes to help him realize how long that is.  It showed him how much time he's just daydreaming.

We've started reading Prince Caspian, in the Chronicles of Narnia, and we both are enjoying it.  Reagan enjoys what he reads, but I'm concerned about reading comprehension.  So, after each chapter, we talk about what he read and try to sum it up in a sentence or two.    Then we go to the computer and write those sentences down in order to remember it all later.  It's working wonders for his ability to remember what's happened in the story and to sum it up as opposed to tell the story word for word.

In Religion we've been discussing how God made the world and what God wants for us.  In this area he really seems to excel.  He had an incredible grasp on the subject matter.  I've been really impressed!

It's good for us to get back into a daily routine.

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