Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We're In California

I flew to California with five children: Karina, Reagan, Piper, Bridget, and baby Ciaran in the sling.  Boy did I get comments.  People can't understand how I travel with all the kids.  Well, I've kind of been doing it for a while now, so it's not so hard.  The kids did great and we got out without incident.

Karina went home on Monday after trying to go see the Narnia movie with Reagan and my dad.  No go.  Too many people.  They couldn't even find a place to park.

Since being out here I've gotten Reagan's haircut, my hair cut, and visited several friends.  I'm feeling very good about it.

On top of the success of the trip thus far, I'm feeling very motivated to get home and begin homeschooling again in earnest.  We've had a wonderful holiday/birthing season off, and I'm ready to get back.

I'm loving California, and can't wait to get back to Minnesota.  I really miss my husband. 

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