Monday, February 20, 2006


When my sister started school, the teacher sent home a note to my mother.  It said that Danielle didn't know her colors.  Didn't know her colors?   My mother, the public school teacher, was shocked!  "Danielle?!?" she asked, "How do you always pick the dress that I tell you to, if you don't know your colors?".  She told our mother that our older sister Dori would tell her which dress mom wanted her to wear, and she'd put it on.  She'd managed to avoid learning her colors.

Now, don't worry about Danielle.  She has an MBA from USC and, while not currently working in her field has enjoyed an incredibly successful career.  Now she's a proud stay-at-home-mom and I couldn't be more proud of her.  And I can guarantee she knows her colors.  She's a Nordstrom shopper.  She knows colors too fancy for me wear!

But I thought of that story yesterday when Reagan and I were learning about political maps.  We studied a map of North America, and I asked him what country we were in.  The easy question.

"Um.  No, Reagan, that's our state."

We went over country, state, and city multiple times.  I showed him how there were many different states in our country and how they are UNITED into one government: The United States of America.

Today I quized him.  He'd forgotten it.  Guess we'll be quizzing on this for a few days.

How could he have POSSIBLY missed this?  Honestly, I don't think he did.  I just think it's something that he wasn't asked for a very long time, so he didn't think he needed to remember it anymore.

We'll have to change that.

I swear he's doing well in his subjects.  I swear I'm teaching him.

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