Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wonderful Work

Last night I went to work again.  I have picked up 5 days for this pay period which is a bit more than I usually work.  Apperantly there was a problem with staff sleeping in the room which is supposed to be for moms to pump their breastmilk.  So it had been totally emptied.  A bit frustrating when I needed to pump.  But after requesting that a table and chair be put back, it was taken care of very quickly.  In fact, our director of housekeeping went above and beyond.  There is now a table and chair, a basket of flowers, and a bunch of sweet baby magazines.

It felt so good that they did that for me (I'm the only pumping mom at the moment).  Here I am, torn between working and being with my baby, and they found a way to make me feel supported in doing something for Ciaran even when I'm away from him.  To help with the sleeping problem they've posted a big sign surrounded by baby pictures that makes clear that the room is for nursing moms and to stay out.

So, last night I worked on the Transitional Care Unit.  I like that one a lot.  There's been an intestinal bug going around work, so we weren't getting admissions, and the census was light.  I spent almost an hour with a patient of mine who is a nun.  I love those nights, where I really feel like I'm doing something good.  Like God is allowing me to use my calling to help people in more than one way.

So, today I'm with the kids and way behind on my housework.  Time to get going and get it done.  All in all I'm feeling very good about everything though.  And sometimes it's hard to feel good about working, even part time.

There is something about doing something that you love, however.  And it made it that much easier to be at work knowing that I'm supported in the choices that I'm making for my child.

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