Monday, April 24, 2006

Say A Prayer For Bridget

This has been the year for gastrointestinal bugs, and poor Bridget has her second of the season.  This one has been far worse than the last.  She's been busy all day, messing up diapers and Christening the house with her sick.  She's not old enough to understand throwing up in a basin, so I've spent the day learning what to look for.  When it's coming she starts to cry.  She doesn't like throwing up.  If I can catch her when she first cries, I can put her head over the basin and catch it.

On top of that, Ciaran has been fussy all day, needing to eat constantly.  And Piper seems to like making noise, especially if I've finally gotten Ciaran to sleep in his crib.   Oh, and a family came to visit this morning to see how we do things.  They're thinking of homeschooling.  They were very nice.  And I tried not to think too much about how their baby was about how old Sarah should be.

So now I'm sitting on the couch with a little girl who has finally gone to sleep.  This evening, after her sister and brother went to bed, her mommy and daddy tended to her, trying to soothe her and care for her while she didn't feel good.  Now I just have to decide if I'm sleeping out here with her in the living room.

Now, I'm going to go say a prayer for Bridget, and for the rest of us that it doesn't work it's way through the house.

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