Friday, April 28, 2006

The Stomach Bug

Since my last blog post, I have been working every day.  And then I come home and work harder.  Tuesday Bridget was still sick with a fever, and very tired.  Wednesday Piper came down with the thing, and was up all night and still sick yesterday.  By yesterday afternoon no one was "spilling" (Piper's term for vomiting) anymore, but Piper had a temperature, and Bridget was still very tired.

Today Bridget spilled a couple of times, just water, and Piper's fever has continued.  In fact, Piper keeps asking me if I'll take her to the doctor so he can fix her.  The thing is, this bug has been going around here in the Twin Cities, and it appears to be a viral infection.  I don't think there's anything the doctor could do for them at this point that I'm not already doing.  Of course, if it looks like either begins to suffer from dehydration or anything else, they'll be taken in immediately.

So far both girls have increased their fluid intake and have been voiding regularly.  Neither are having signs and symptoms of dehydration except for lethargy which is related to the virus.

Reagan's First Communion is tomorrow, and provided no one else comes down with this thing, I think we'll be okay.

There are several other topics I've been wanting to blog about, but between work and home I haven't had time for anything!

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