Friday, April 14, 2006

What A Week

Busy, busy, busy.  Sure most of that busy has been arguing with people on the internet, but, really, who's paying attention?

I started out the week with a Twin Cities NINO meeting.  For those of you who've never heard of NINO, it stands for Nine In Nine Out, and is an organization for babywearers!  I think it's kind of like the Le Leche League for babywearing as it provides education and support.  It was a great meeting, and I met several nice ladies.  Including a reader of my blog (you guys apparently do exist!).  She and I totally hit it off, and we even went to their house for a playdate today.  Who says the internet doesn't bring people closer together?

Then I worked two days in a row.  I'm really loving my work these days and feeling very good about what I'm doing.  My work has been truly satisfying, and I'm so incredibly appreciative of that.  I mean, if one has to leave their home and family to go to work, how fortunate it is to do work that one enjoys.

On the home front things have been well.  The heat is coming to Minnesota, and we're definitely feeling it.  We've had the air conditioner running all afternoon.

I'm changing around the format of the blog, mostly because I was ready to switch things up a bit.  Let me know if you hate it, or if you like it.

And I've added a new poll regarding the Pearl boycott.

I'm urging people to keep those of us who are engaging in a real dialog with each-other about the Pearl's methods, in prayer.  This is a heated topic about our most precious asset, our children.  I'm of the opinion that if we can allow the Holy Spirit to lead the discussion, we might actually hear one another and address our respective concerns with respect.

The Lord continues to speak to my heart, reminding me to find humility and understanding.  I am far from perfect and fail at this constantly, but with prayer and a contrite spirit, I know that He will lead me, and all of us.

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