Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday 13

13 Confessions of an Overworked Mom


  1. Barney is my friend.  Sure, I don't really like him that much personally, but if he can make the children be quiet, he will always be welcome.

  2. The kids haven't realized that I'm just guessing.

  3. I'm grumpy when I work too hard.

  4. It turns out that there comes a day when you hear your child say "I want Mommy" and instead of being happy, you look for a place to hide.

  5. Sometimes the shower is really a vacation.

  6. Before they can tell time, bedtime can be whenever you feel like it.

  7. I no longer spend too much time turning things right-side-out.  They get it back the same way they give it to me!

  8. It's okay to get take out.

  9. I'm getting a Kozy!

  10. I breastfeed because I'm just too lazy to make formula.

  11. I don't know that I could spend so much time with anyone else and still love them like I do my kids.

  12. I'm hoping that when I can't have kids anymore, I'll start getting grandchildren, giving me a steady flow of babies to love.

  13. I worry that I'm not a good enough mom.  But I'm grateful that God loves me anyway, and the kids haven't realized it yet.

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