Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Saturday

Saturday was a lot of fun.  My friends D. & D. called and asked if we were up for an adventure.  Well, gosh, aren't we always?

So, it was off to the Minneapolis Farmers Market with two little girls in a stroller, Ciaran in the new Kozy, and Reagan on his own two feet.  (He is almost 9 now, after all!)

Then we went out to lunch.  With 7 children between us!  Oh, the looks from the wait staff.  And since the babies are only a couple of weeks  apart we got some "Are they twins?" questions.  Which made me laugh.  Baby T. is all blond and blue eyed, and Ciaran is all dark haired and dark eyed.  They couldn't look any different!

After that we were going to go to the park, but it started to rain.  So we went fabric shopping, and I found fabric for a woven wrap I'd like to make.  I didn't buy it, but I'm going to have to go back.

Then we went back to D. & D.'s house to get a knitting lesson.  Really I have the basics down, I just have to stop making my stitches so tight.

Then I brought my kids home and put everyone to bed.  They were out in minutes.  Which was the plan.  That way the adults could get online and play World of Warcraft.  But, sadly, I was pooped too and fell asleep.

I must be getting old.

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