Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some Days

What do you do when your oldest tunes out, the four year old is yelling, the two year old is copying the four year old, and the baby is teething?

Well, I pray a lot.  Chaos isn't always the word of the day in the Basso house, but some days it is.  On those days I feel like my job is to attempt to restore order without losing my mind.  And I do it with structure and consistency.

So, we followed our daily routine today and did pretty well.  Reagan and I are about 3/4 of the way through his school year.  We'll have to work through the Summer to finish, but he'll be ready for the fourth grade by Fall.

Piper is so ready to start pre-school type learning.  I'm thinking we'll start with a letter of the week.  I have flash cards and perhaps we'll start a Letter Box, where we put things that start with the letter of the week in.

And now, the day wraps up with me ready to go to bed and go to work in the morning.

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