Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things To Remember When I Take 4 Kids To the Park

  1. Bring sunscreen

  2. Put sunscreen on parts because Bridget's scalp will burn.

  3. Bring the baby a hat.

  4. Sit in the shade from the start.

  5. Bring extra water.

  6. Sandals get sandy, too.

  7. Bring extra snacks.

  8. Bring wet wipes

  9. Bring enough diapers!!

  10. Do head counts frequently. It makes sure that all kids are where they are supposed to be, and keeps Piper from sitting with random families and asking them for food.

  11. If I go without other grown-ups, I should bring a good book.

  12. Life is short, get up and play.

  13. Enjoy every minute, because in an instant they'll be off with families of their own, and all this will just be a memory.

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