Friday, July 21, 2006

Homeschool Tracker

I know what you're thinking: A homeschooling post, on her homeschooling blog?  That's...that's just CRAZY!

And you'd be right.

Homeschooling has just become so much a part of our family life, sometimes it's hard to separate it out and write about it specifically.  Bowling is Phys Ed., laundry is Home Ec., grocery shopping is Math, and so on and so forth.

But now I've been alerted to a program that can help you keep track of all you do and even print out report cards and such.  And I learned about it from an unschooler.  Using the program helps her to keep track of the days activities and make them fit into more traditional categories. 

I can set assignments up ahead of time and print them out for Daddy to check off.  Or I can add things as they are done each day.  I really like this program.  There is a basic one for free and an advanced one for around $35.  I may have to splurge and buy the plus version.  I like it a lot.

Happy Tracking!

Homeschool Tracker Software

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