Thursday, August 17, 2006


With all the excitement over the house, my mother began asking about the school district.  From what I know of the city, it has an excellent school district.  And then the suggestion came.  The one my mother just couldn't stop herself from making...she suggested that we put Reagan in public school.

Now, my mother is a veteran school teacher, and proud of the system that she's served for over forty years as both a full-time teacher and now as a substitute.  She values education and wants what's best for Reagan.  So, I tried to explain again why we're homeschooling.  It started because I wasn't happy with his educational progress, but has continued for so many other reasons!

My parents identified the same weak spots as I have.  Reagan has GOT to improve Spelling and Grammar.  But we talked about what I'm doing with him, and how I'm addressing those issues, and they agreed that a school teacher wouldn't handle it any differently.  They also realized that a teacher would not be able to give him the one-on-one attention that I can. 

I know that my mom wasn't trying to be unsupportive.  And I know that she thinks I'm doing a good job.  Still, I was a little dissapointed that she asked if I'd put Reagan back in public school.  I work hard with him, and am very proud of his progress.  His success is mine as well. 

In the end, we'll continue to homeschool as long as we believe it to be in our child's best interests.  And every day I find another reason to continue.  Not the least of which is the joy I experience just being with my children. 

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