Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vaccination In The News

First of all I'd like to make clear that I am biased.  I believe that vaccines are not safe, effective, or necessary.  I fully vaccinated my first child.  When my second child was born I selectively vaxed with the intention of fully vaccinating on a delayed schedule.  But I heard things and decided not to completely vaccinate until I'd researched the issue.  I've not vaccinated since.  So, anything I post on my blog is probably going to be anti-vaccination.  I believe that both sides are biased, in all fairness.  The pharmaceutical companies have a vested financial interest in promoting vaccines, and the medical establishment is woefully ignorant about what anti-vaccinationists concerns really are.  Therefore it's easy for the Pharmaceutical companies to continue to push their products unfettered.  The anti-vaccination establishment wants to destroy the vaccine industry because they believe it to be a harmful practice.

You know which side I'm on.

That said, I read a couple of interesting pieces lately.  The first, found here, appears to show that the CDC knew that the level of thimerosal (a mercury preservative) was harmful to children and actually doubled the risk of autism.  Autism gets the most media coverage these days and is played up as the main concern of the anti-vax movement.  In reality it's just the tip of the iceburg.  That said, I found the article interesting and will be watching to see what comes of the case in question.

The second piece, found here, is a graph comparing the death rates from influenza to the rate of vaccination.  As more people have become vaccinated for the flu, more people are dying from the flu.  Hardly seems worth it, really.

I no longer want to inject viruses, animal protein, preservatives, and known carcinogens into my body just to avoid the flu.  I'd rather eat well, take my vitamins, and treat the flu properly if I get it.

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