Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our Halloween

Well, my timing is terrible, but here are the pics of our Halloween.

We baked cookies, we made handprint bats, we carved pumpkins, we roasted pumpkin seeds, and finally we got our costumes on and went trick or treating.  It was a very big day and lots of fun!

Here is our front door with our two little pumpkins.  You can see the autumn leaves at the edge of our yard.  It was wonderful to meet our new neighbors and tour the street. 

Ciaran was the latest baby to wear our Blue's Clues costume.  He looked so sweet!  I put him in the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch and wore him comfortably the whole time we were out!

This is our front door decorated with our handprint bats.

Here are all the kids in their costumes.  Piper is in her USA cheerleading costume, Reagan is a ninja, and Bridget is a mouse.  I specifically chose costumes that I could bundle underneath.  It was a beautiful day near 70 degrees the day before Halloween, but freezing cold the next night.  One more thing to love about Minnesota! 

And these are the kids outside:

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