Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dear Jeanne

For anyone interested, the following is in response to this blogpost, and this one.  I wouldn't want to "stalk" her by leaving the following on her blog, so I'm leaving it here instead.

Dear Jeanne,

The comment on your blog from "Educating For Eternity" was not me.  I do know who it was, but it wasn't me.  Check the IP addresses of the posters, that should tell you that they are from two different places.

I'm sorry that you feel that God has not given you children because you married in your 30s.  I don't believe that to be true.  I'm equally sorry that you believe that all Catholic women expect you to do things their way.  No one should make you feel that way.  But if you continue to insinuate that the buddy group on Ovusoft made you feel that way, then I will have to call you out.  No one did.  We had working moms, stay at home moms, and infertile women.  No one EVER told you that you were less of a Catholic or less valuable because you didn't have children.  We did, however, find it insulting that you kept telling women who chose to stay home that they were wasting their lives, that there were more important things, and that they should get off their behinds and help their husbands.  Frankly, that's exactly the same as someone telling you that you are without value for being a mother.  But somehow you think it's okay as long as you do it.  And that is wrong.

First you told us about your blog, and said that you welcomed comments.  But you never published them.  Then you ask for no comments while keeping comments enabled.  If you don't want comments, disable the ability.  But I have not harassed you on your blog.  I've disagreed with you on occasion.  When you wouldn't publish those comments, I told you when I'd answered you on my own blog, which has been a handful of times.  If you think that counts as harassment, I think you've got some issues.  Especially after commenting on my blog and my Live Journal that you wanted to report me to the authorities because I homeschool, or that you hoped gators would eat me (posted on Ovusoft).  I have the IP addresses Jeanne, and so I know the comments came from you.  If you really want to travel down the harassment path, I hope you're ready for it to go both ways.

I still pray for you Jeanne, and I'm glad to hear that your husband is doing better. But, really, if you want to promote this image of yourself as a tolerant person, you have to actually back it up and be tolerant of others.  The things you seem to complain the loudest about are the things you do yourself.

Peace to you in this Lenten season.  If you'd like me to leave you alone, I suggest you stop writing about me on your blog.

That is all.


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