Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm Such A Dork

Reagan missed Karate last week because he was so sick.

He hadn't been able to go this week because I was so sick.

I finally felt well enough today to take him to Karate, which I thought was at 5:10. We got there and it seemed like he was the only one there. I looked at the schedule and saw that the white belt class was at 6:20. So, I got Reagan back in the van, got gas and food, took the food home, had everyone eat, and took Reagan back to Karate. When I got there and looked at the schedule I realized that his class really was at 5:10, and it's the adult white belt class that is at 6:20! So, I'm a total dork who's apparently still sick enough to not to be able to process the written word very well.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch house, Bridget woke up with an earache from her nap, and cried. Her ears looked clear, so I dosed her with a decongestant and motrin. It did the trick and she felt better, but she was still crying when Reagan and I left. Ciaran's had the flu as well, and refused a nap. That made him crabby and teary also. I left my poor husband with two crying children.

Now all the kids are appropriately drugged and asleep. I'm full of Sleepytime Extra tea and some Melatonin. I didn't sleep well last night, and I'm hoping to avoid that tonight.

In other news, I ordered the Catholic Women's Daily Planner . I'm still a new Catholic in many ways, and I can't keep track of the feast days, etc. I think this will help me coordinate lessons along with key Holy Days, Holy Days of Obligation, etc.

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