Friday, March 02, 2007

Jeanne Is Angry

I wanted to answer Jeanne's blog post found here, but I know she doesn't allow me to comment, so I'm answering it here. Same format as usual with her blog in italics and my answers in bold.
Attention all those who post anonymously on the comments: you are automatically REJECTED.

And if your name is Anne: post one more time and you are reported to Ovusoft LLC, where you usually post on the General Buddies board.

Actually, I usually posted in debates. But that's neither here nor there as I'm no longer a member at Ovusoft. Feel free!
You have been warned. To do so anymore will constitute internet stalking. If you are dumb enough to it, you will be reported to the authorities. Govern yourself accordingly. We here at findmeinfloridaagain do not want you to have harm, we just don't want you to post here ANYMORE. Got that? You have been warned.

Internet stalking? Reading your blog which you publish on the internet is stalking? Commenting that I've answered you on my blog is stalking? You've threatened to report me to the authorities for legally homeschooling my child, and stated that you'd like gators to eat me. And I'm stalking? Okay, you just go with that. I'd really love to hear that conversation with the authorites...

Jeanne: Yes, I'd like to report internet stalking.
Police: Has this person been making threats?
Jeanne: No.
Police: Threatening to find you in real life?
Jeanne: No.
Police: What has this person done?
Jeanne: She commented on my blog that she's answered my blog posts on her own.
Police: And?
Jeanne: No that's it.
Police: Did you stop allowing comments on your blog?
Jeanne: No, I left it so anyone could comment.
Police: What exactly has she done wrong?

If you want to accuse me of internet stalking, Jeanne, perhaps you should stop talking about me on your blog. It's hard to show that I'm trying to harass you, when I'm simply answering false charges you've made.
To my other readers, if you want to know what the deal is: there are individuals who post at who tell everything: and this includes a program where they tell their personal sex lives. There is even a so called Catholic group, "Our Lady of Pilar" where so called good Catholic women kick and exclude other women who work outside the home off their precious list. They are the most judgemental group of people I have ever read.

There is a forum on ovusoft to discuss sexual issues. I myself have never posted there. However, what you say about Our Lady Of Pilar is just a flat out lie. I would have expected better from you since you claim to be such a good Catholic! I work outside the home, as do many of the women in the group. You were asked to leave after trying to discuss politics in a religious group, and attacking women who stay at home with their children. Your posts were unsupportive at best, trolling at worst. After dealing with your repeated attacks, you were asked to leave. But not before many of the members of the group attempted to reach out to you. I always think it's funny to see you call anyone judgmental. When it's obvious that you quite harshly judge stay at home mothers, homeschoolers, conservatives, and anyone else who doesn't see things your way. It's a bit infuriating that you're so self-righteous that you can't begin to see the plank in your own eye. Many people, myself included, think that reasonable people can disagree on many issues. But you could never afford us the same luxury.
It is sad. I am moving on from these abusers.

Thank God! Finally, people will be free from your abuse as well.
Good luck and good fortune to other "Florida Beach Babes". You all are the reason why I tried to stick around. But I won't. It is a waste of time in the on board tyranny that is going on. I am moving on. I bet in six months to a year one indiviudal who has claimed that she is always on the right side will be gone.

Good luck to JustReg, Veriance and Jilbert. I am moving on and well, I should be called mom by next year.

I hope that God sees you through this rough time in your life. And your husband will remain in my prayers. I don't wish you any ill, Jeanne. I only wish you could have been reasonable long enough to see that people cared about you and wanted to help you. But it was your choice to set all of your bridges ablaze. BTW, you should really make clear that you didn't leave ovusoft, but were banned repeatedly for you behavior on the boards, and the violations to the ovusoft terms of service. To state otherwise is to be dishonest.

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