Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Night

I really hate it when we're sick.

My night:
1 am: finally go to bed
2 am: leave bed because Dominic has the cold and is snoring like a freight train, even waking himself up! Very unusual, btw, it's only because he's sick.
2:30: try to fall asleep on the couch
3:00: Use nasal spray to breath
3:15: Ciaran's crying. Go give him his chupon (pacifier)
3:30: Get up with Ciaran again.
3:45: Get up with Ciaran again.
4:00: Get Ciaran up and bring him downstairs to mommy and daddy's bed.
4-5: Try and get Ciaran to fall asleep with us.
5: Take Ciaran back upstairs to his own bed.
5-6: Get up every 15 minutes to try and make Ciaran happy.
6: Dominic gets up for work, and brings Ciaran back downstairs again to sleep with me.
6-7: Ciaran sleeps. I don't.
7: Ciaran wakes up. We nurse for a while and I change his diaper. Reagan and the kiddos get up, so I leave them in the playroom (our bedroom opens up to the playroom) and attempt to sleep while they play for a bit. Ciaran cries. A lot.
8: The kids have breakfast.
8:30: Change Ciaran's diaper again, because he pooped. Put on the TV because I'm so freaking tired I could scream.
9-11: Try and sleep with Ciaran right on top of me.

I think I'm on my second wind now and I'm wondering how long before I crash.

Weetabix sounds very very very good. Even if it's the American kind, which isn't quite as wheaty good as the British. McVities Digestives with the chocolate on one side and a nice cuppa tea sound good too. Mint tea, perhaps because I can almost taste it over the cold.

Breakfast was a quesadilla with Dominic's homemade salsa. It's a bit spicy but it helps clear me out. Now I want comfort food.

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