Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Late

Blog city has decided to go from a bookmarklet set up to a widget set up. With that also comes a variety of new skins, and all new tricks to learn. One of the things that I liked when I came here was that one didn't have to know a great deal of html to use the site. Sadly, I'm not finding it to be quite as user friendly anymore.

Here in the Basso house, we're well into our second week of illness and fatigue. It started with a stomach bug unwittingly brought to us by a friend and her daughter. She felt so bad! Now it's become a fairly intense cold that everyone has. With the illnesses we had to indefinitely postpone a California trip.

Reagan is doing quite well, and is learning basic algebra. I swear, I was a lot older before I was introduced to algebra, but he's doing equations I wasn't doing until Jr. High or High School. Bravo to this Math program!

Piper is sick with the cold, but working on letters, numbers, and sounds. We purchased the book "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons" but she needs a little more time before we start it. We tried, but she wasn't quite ready.

Bridget is growing in to 3. She's fully potty trained, but afraid to give up her special seat and sit on the big toilet. I'll take my victories where I can, but I'm concerned about how she'll handle pottying somewhere without a seat. She's learning her shapes, letters, numbers, counting, and colors. She's bright and loves to sing.

Ciaran is trying to master walking. Like Bridget, he's very concerned about doing it right. He'll walk when, and only when, he feels like it. He's also still very attached to Mommy. Which is a blessing and a curse.

Pray for us that we'll be healed soon.

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