Monday, April 30, 2007

Family Night

We had such a nice evening.

This cold that won't die prevented my from taking the kids to the birthday party next door yesterday.  So Dominic and I tried to make up for it by taking the kids bowling today.  It was a blast.  Piper would run as fast as she could and throw/drop the ball and watch it roll down the lane.  Bridget took some talking to, but finally decided to let us help her roll the ball down the lane.  Reagan cheered over every pin that dropped, and Ciaran enjoyed being held by mom and dad.

We came home to our first thunderstorm of the Summer.  I really love the rain and thunder.  I remember sitting on my grandparents porch in Indiana and watching them.  They've seemed somewhat mysterious and magical to me ever since.

Some days I feel on top of my mommy game.  Today was one of those days, so it has to be recorded for posterity!

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