Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bridget Makes Me Crazy

She sneaks food. I feed the child, I SWEAR! Tonight at bedtime I found a banana in her bed. Grrrr...

She's been whiny all afternoon because I got her up from her nap at three. If I don't and she sleeps longer, it's hard to get her to go to bed.

After her bath I got her in a pull-up, which she pulled at until the insides of it had bunched up and were lumpy. Then she wanted a new one. Actually she whined, and cried for a new one. Which I gave her. So she started pulling at that one too and complaining (ie whining and crying) that it was getting lumpy too. I made her wear that one anyway. That decision...yup...made her cry. Louder. Very very loud. She finally went to sleep an hour and a half after bedtime, and that's actually good for her. If she oversleeps at naptime, I can't get her to sleep until after midnight.

Of course the downside is that by waking her up at three, when she's decided not to take a nap until 1:30 or 2, she's going to be whiny and crabby for most of the evening.

Age two was easy, but three is going to make me pull my hair out.

I do love my daughter, and I'm generally happy with my day. But this is one of those phases that if I don't record it, I might forget it. Part of that selective parenting amnesia that helps you remember the good things about your kids so that you don't wake up one morning wondering if you can sell them to the circus.

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