Thursday, June 14, 2007

Feeling More Human

I'm 10 weeks and 2 days pregnant today, and while my gag reflex is still working hard for the money, my overwhelming urge to purge has finally calmed down a bit.

And after months and months I think my internal clock is finally starting to reset.  I've been going to bed by midnight and am actually up before 9 am.  I know this sounds like I've been a horrible slacker.  But on nights I work I'm not even home until 11:30 and then I need time to unwind.  It set up a pattern of going to bed late.  And now that Dominic (the most wonderful husband ever, see honey, I'm talking about you!) is working nights he was getting home when the kids got up and was getting them through breakfast which just let me sleep.

I wasn't happy with it.  Don't get me wrong, I love sleeping as much as the next mom, but I felt like I was losing some of the most productive hours of the day.  I think I'm finally coming out of that now, and it feels nice.  So today:

I drank 8 glasses of water.

I inflated the kiddie pool and got everyone outside to play until lunchtime.

Before lunch I showed the kids where the strawberries were growing on the side of the house and had them pick a a big bowl of fresh strawberries which I cleaned, cut, and gave to them with lunch.

While the kids were napping after lunch, I finished cleaning out the office closet so that Karina will have a place for her clothes and suitecase when she comes to visit us.

I cleaned up the kitchen.

I folded (and put away) 2 loads of laundry.

I got the kids up at 3 and gave everyone a snack, then herded them back outside to play with the kiddie pool and the bubble gun.

I got Reagan inside in time to get ready for Karate, and got Piper ready to go too. (She loves going with Reagan to karate)

Made the kids ice cream cones after dinner.

Gave the younger 3 all a bath after the ice cream cones.

Remembered to put sunscreen on everyone before letting them play outside half the day.

All in all I feel very productive.

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