Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back To Our Homeschool

I had an epiphany the other day and it's led me back to the Original title of this blog.  Understanding God's ability to make perfect my weaknesses as a wife and mother is great, but really makes it all about me.  This blog, this journey, this family is so NOT all about me!

Our Homeschool, while perhaps giving the impression that the blog is all about how we do "official" school in our home, is about much more. Homeschooling is so much more than that.  Learning is not something that happens only in the hours allotted to "doing school".  This blog about how they learn, how I learn, how we all learn together as a family not just through lessons out of books, but by living together, working together, and playing together.  As much is learned through resolving a fight between sisters as is learned in a reading lesson.

Our Homeschool is about how we journey and learn about everything, together as a family.

So, back to the original title it is!

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