Monday, August 20, 2007

Homeschool Minder Software

Last year I discovered Homeschooling software. Since my curriculum comes with lesson plans, I found the job of putting in resources such as books, as well as individual assignments, tedious. I wanted my time to do something besides data entry.

This year I found Homeschool Minder . With a few simple steps I had Piper entered in as a student and could start recording. I can put in grades simply by entering one assignment if I want to, which is what I'm doing. I'm putting in the entire week for Reading, Math, Religion, Science, P.E., or Music and grading her on the whole week. I can even do a simple pass/fail if I so desire. It calculates grades for me. There is even room for field trips and community service. It all seems so much easier than the last software program I was using. More professional looking as well.

I stopped using the last software program out of frustration, but I have higher hopes for this one!

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  1. are you still using homeschool minder and if so how do you like it. i'm a digital person and the program i was using was just to dang complicated and even my programming geeky hubby said it was to heavy.


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