Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mental Health Day

My mother never let me take mental health days from school.  I had to actually be sick, or I was going to go.  This probably had to do with her and my dad being teachers and having a strong commitment to my education.  But I was still jealous of friends who, every now and then, could just take the day off.

Now that I'm a grown up, I still find that I have days where I'd just like to take it off.  Not that I don't love my family and my life, but sometimes I just need some time that's mine, or that's spent with grown-ups.  And now that I'm an adult, I can.

So today, after lunch, I left home, husband, and children, and went to a friend's house.  We played World of Warcraft (remember, I'm a geek girl), ate, and had grown up conversations about grown up things.  

Now I'm back home, and I feel much more refreshed.  I feel ready to handle what the kids throw at me (not that they're allowed to throw things, mind you).  And sometimes I think I have to be away to really enjoy coming home.   

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