Friday, August 10, 2007

Piper Is In Kindergarten

I figure we'll have to take a break from school again this year around the holidays.  Between the hectic nature of the holidays, the homeschool burnout that happens around that time, and a new baby coming, I don't have much hope that we'll get much done during December.

So, I've decided to start Kindergarten in August.  I can't believe Piper's old enough to start, but she's  certainly ready.

Over the last two days we've introduced the letter A (which she already knows, but it's making school seem easy and fun), the number 1, and some religious concepts like the Blessed Trinity.  

We're also doing the Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons book.  I used this book with Reagan after meeting a homeschooling mom who'd had a great deal of success with it.  I started Piper on it a few months ago, but she just wasn't quite ready yet.  While she had a desire to learn to read she had trouble remembering from one day to the next what sounds were made by which letters and that kind of thing.  There was just some other step her brain had to make to prepare.  She's made it now, and I think will progress nicely.

Bridget wants to learn, too!  So, I've found her some workbooks that she can do while we're doing formal schoolwork.  She will have to learn that her time with us can not be disruptive, however.  She had to be sent back down to the playroom because she wouldn't sit quietly with us.  Making noise is great!  But not when Piper is trying to concentrate.  

Between Piper starting school, the nesting urge, and work, I imagine I'll be pretty busy around here for a while! 

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