Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reagan Is Registered

Reagan is registered for our local Intermediate School which serves children grades 3-5.  We've bought all of his supplies and he's very excited about starting. 

I mentioned to the woman who was helping us that since Reagan has been homeschooled for the last four years and they don't have any testing information for him, that I understood if they wished to do some testing to see where he belonged academically.  They told me that their biggest concern was language, and as it was obvious that he speaks English, and speaks it well, she believed that the testing done at the beginning of the year would be sufficient for him.  

It was nice that the process was so easy.  And his Grandmother is promising him $60 if he can make straight A's.  At the same time it was a little frustrating to me that with all of the debating I've done recently regarding homeschooling, that the biggest concern of the school was that he spoke English.  

Open House is tomorrow.

Obviously we have power back, though our cable went out for a bit.  That's frustrating because our phone and internet are both through the cable company. 

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