Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Gotta Roll With It

I used to read the accounts of homeschoolers with dedicated school space and strict routine that was followed and think, "One day I'll be a good homeschooler like them".  I've come to the realization that perhaps that day will never come.  It's not that there's anything wrong at all with space for school or a schedule, but I think we're just not that kind of family.

Today we started school late.  Mostly because I was up later than I expected last night playing World of Warcraft with some other mamas.  Hey, I'm a geek.  I like Star Trek and Star Wars and books and online role playing games.  That's just me!  So, I overslept this morning.  Reagan has been handling breakfast for a while now and Dominic is home from work at 7 AM so it's not hard for me to do.  I don't like it (and try not to do it very often) because I feel like I lose half of my productive morning, but it's not like the kids are running wild while I'm sleeping the day away.

So, we started school with prayer and delved in.  We did some more work on the letter B and practiced writing it.  Then we moved on to the number 2.  Halfway through her writing exercise and after the 30th nose-blow, Piper said she was tired and wanted to lie down.  I could here the sick in her voice, so I let her go.  We'll finish the lessons tomorrow.  We can do that.  She won't miss anything.  It will wait for her.

Lunch was later than usual and Bridget didn't nap on time so overslept this evening.  Nothing went as it would on my "ideal" day, but it was all okay.  I like routine.  I think it's good for my kids.  But I don't want to be so tied to a schedule that we can't roll with what life throws our way.  Sometimes you've gotta take the morning off and go take a walk outside.  Sometimes you've gotta stop talking about the thunderstorm and go find that magazine article about it or spend the morning looking for lightening pictures on the internet.  Sometimes you've got to take the day off because someone is sick.  Even mom.

So now that the playroom is picked up, Pooh bear has lost enough weight to get out of Rabbit's front door, and everyone is tucked safely in bed, I've realized that my lesson for today: It's okay to roll with it and be a family that just takes things as they come.

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