Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Laid Plans of Mom and Dad

We planned to go to Mass this morning, have a nice lunch as a family, relax this afternoon and have movie time this evening.  Instead Dominic and I both ended up sick and unwilling to go anywhere ourselves, let alone with four squirmy kids.  So we spent the morning taking it easy, this afternoon wishing we had energy to get things done, and this evening just trying to keep the kids occupied so they didn't drive us crazy.  So much for our plans.

Unfortunately, we're not the only one's who are sick.  Ciaran has come down with a rather nasty cold and doesn't want to go to sleep.  After many tries to get him down, we've finally brought him downstairs with us.  I think I'll get up in a minute and bring down the portable playpen.  We don't do the cry it out thing.  If he can't be soothed enough to sleep on his own, he won't sleep on his own.  He'll sleep with us.

Dominic has been wonderful tonight, holding Ciaran and trying to make him feel better.  Sometimes you can just see how much he loves being a daddy and it makes my heart happy.

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